How to Think Po…

How to Think Positive and Stop Being Negative All The Time! A Quick Effective Cure

In this stage of age everyone wants to win in anything and in everything. Winning makes us feel superior and better. Some people seems to relate winning to feeling of being successful. There are many things we can win in this life we are given, they are  winning people, relationships, a job position, recommendations of others you highly value, games,  attention of some sort, love, appreciation, our physical health and mental health and so on.

However, life is not all wonderful all the time, most of the time we go through rough times. The truth is life is a never-ending problem and if you don’t act strong and be courageous it can kill you inside slowly each day. Events such as losing someone you love, losing a job, divorce, a break up, health problems, financial difficulties can really get into us if we let it. Though, you have to remember and this has been scientifically proven that the only thing you can truly have great control  in your body and the greatest most powerful in your human senses is the HUMAN BRAIN (that’s your thinking thoughts and the words you select to speak). What if I tell you can choose the way you think.

The only way to defeat negativity is through the REPETITIVE of reacting into bad situations in a positive friendly thinking.  It’s been proven in the medical industry that if a patient with serious illness thinks of negative thoughts and speaks negative thoughts about his surgery procedure that could risk his life, the doctors or surgeons are most likely not to go ahead because of the negative reaction.

This is because the patient and also your words is the controller of your senses. Your brain acts as a broadcaster and  a receiver to every nervous function of your body. It is like the main controller of all your body systems so be positive and stay away from negative thinking and then you will slowly see the change in your life.

Here is a great example on how to combat your bad thoughts for example when your brain thinks of something negative and says ” I CAN’T DO IT” say “Yes I Can and I demand myself to know and how to do it”. The key is not ignoring it but answering back to bad thoughts in your head or even better by saying it ” Yes I can do it” in your loud and confident voice. Watch your body suddenly starts to react, feel calm and confident.

*The stuff written in this article is not of any professional recommendation and is highly based on the authors personal year of research and is plainly and solely acts a suggestion/opinion for my readers in helping them to become a positive thinker and then into becoming a positive person. Though trying the examples will not hurt.